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Cambridge Little Ones.

Cambridge Little Ones is an Independent Pre - School Management System whose main aim is to spread awarness about quality education from the very early age. Cambridge Little Ones has recently pawed its way into India for increasing the education quality and level of Indian Education System. Cambridge Little Ones is trying to merge with many Indian Pre-Schools which are already present in India which will make it easy for both to help maximum childern to get the benifites of high class quality education. Cambridge Little Ones was founded in 2010 with a single goal in mind.

We makes sure in which ever schools they go they will stand out from the crowd and make their parents proud. ‚ÄčOur new E-Learning method helps in learning quicly and enjoy the leanring process which was boring and hectic till now. Kids enjoy coming to school and are exited to learn new topics everyday. Teaching Aids are personally created under the quidance of Cambridge Little Ones Trained teacher so that its easier for the students to understand what is going in the class and what are they learning Increasing Importance of Education throughout the Nation. With over Immance support from parents we felt a need to expand our schools to different places where we could be of optimium use and help.

Principle's Cambridge Little Ones.

Child Safety is given utmost importance in Cambridge Little Ones. We make sure your child is in safe hands and is taken care as good as you would take care of him/her. We provide CCTV Coverage to have contineous servaliance of the class room. This helps us to keep an eye on the teachers as well as students. If van or bus service is taken we make a sure a teacher is present in the van. It is the teachers duty to make sure all students have reached safely home from the school and then only will the teacher be dropped.

For us the all round development of students is very important, and thats why we our curriculum is based is such a way that it provies over all development of the child. We not focus on the mental or Cognitive development which helps the child to learn new things but also focus on his physical and social development which will help the child to have a healthy life and aslo social strong in making good conversation with the people surrouding him.

In this new generation the knowledge of computers and technology is the basic fundametals, and we cannot ignore them. Coputer skills and techology knowedlge are going to be the building blocks to a successfull carrer in which ever field they go. We make sure that our kids are not left out in this new techology age and can use these to advance them their career. We introduce them to computers and programming to help them grasp these things very well in future.

We all know that Globalization have increased and the boundries of nation are slowly begining to end. People are going beyond these boudries to create a better future. We want are kids ready to the go beyong these boundries and create a place for them. We have included Basic introduction to foreign Languages like Spanish and German (Many More comming soon) which will help them to speak with people of other nationalities and make an easier path towards success

We strongly believe that our kids are the new generation and they are and will be better than us. We must try understand these brilant mind and try to change ourself with time. Their imagination must be provacated in such a way that it helps them in future.

Our Founder.

-Miss Pallavi-

MA Sociology. PGDM in Child Mental Health, (Ph.D Appearing) Miss Pallavi has done her PGDM in Child Mental Health and she is understands the children very well. She know how to teach the students in such a way that they learn with least pressure on their mind. They she has created a simple but efficient way of teaching students which will help them discover themself.

Views: The Students are the next generation and they are always better than us. We must give their minds freedome and a place to expand and grow. Its is us who put constraints on their development, and hamper thier growth. If we give them freeapath and they freedom to grow they will create wonders, and make the inimaginable happen.

Our Co-Founder.

-Dr Ajaychandra-

(B.Sc, D.Sc.Tech, D.Prod.M, D.Per.M, D.litt) Dr. Ajaychandra, A Scientist by profession who worked in Central Research Institute like NCL(National Chemical Labrotary), CEMET and DRDO. Later switched his profession to to teach students and increase their level of understanding, Its his guidance under which our school runs and decides which steps should be taken.

Views: Students should be moulded in younge age and Education is the best way to mould. With Education we can help them decide thier path and guide them on the right track. Education is just a Guidance which redirects the students onto the better path.

Our Staff.