Play Group

Play Group.

CAMBRIDGE Little Ones Play Group Programme is specially designed for children between age group of 2 years to 3 years.

Keeping in mind the new exposure of the child in this new environment of education, Our main aim in Playgroup Programme is to make the childconfortable with the school environmnet and make him feel comfortable and safe away from parents. The programme offeres structured learning about Rhymes, Colours, Shapes etc. The programmes strengthens the bond among the child and teachers and care takers, The child is taught in his way of understanding by using playway methods. Our main focus is to help the child understand the things which are happening around the child.

Our programmes focuses into developing the child physically fit by giving importance to the development stages that takes place into a child. For more info visit the nearest Cambridge Litte Ones Center

Play Group Picture

Key Features.

Settlement Picture

Early settlement away from parents and home

Apple Picture

Exploration to English Language from early age

3D Modelling

Understading of different objects around

Triangle Picture

Physical development of a child, movements of legs, hands etc

Crayons Picture

Exploration of letters, Numbers, Shapes, Colours

Walking Picture

Development of basic motor skills

Play Group Activities.

Claw Moulding
Role Play
Fancy Dress
Fruits, Vegetables etc
Outdoor Plays

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